beneath your thunder

and on the bright side

“You ruin everything,” she screams and puts her hands on me. I don’t react. Hundreds of guests. A beautiful place. A beautiful feast. A beautiful night. Except, she gets wasted and does what she wants. Which is fine. Except when she crosses lines.Standing outside the very expensive restaurant I secured for her birthday, and with a slew of customers, friends and family members watching, I let her push me around. Afterwards, she walked away from me, asking strangers for a ride home while I followed behind her trying to get us a cab.

Earlier that evening, I found her in a loving embrace with an unknown man. This was not uncommon. I don’t want to embarrass her so I say nothing thinking later we can talk about this at home. After an hour of trying to save face for her with our family and friends, I decided it was enough…

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