Day: April 2, 2022

I Tried!!

Young green praying mantis. I pride myself on my love of nature and self-taught knowledge of nature and animals. My parents sought to give my siblings and I many rich, educational, wonderful adventures as we traveled to Mexico, the World’s Fair, Expo 67, in Montreal, the mountains, beaches, zoos, and camping in our travel trailer, … Continue reading I Tried!!

The Raise

“Will you stop it already?” Davie swallowed a sigh and lowered his eyes. He was making them stick out like sore thumbs. “Only tourists and amateurs look up,” Bessie admonished, kicking a dry piece of sidewalk gum. “Real New Yorkers have already seen everything.” Perhaps, but he had yet to. And he wanted to […]The … Continue reading The Raise

10 Reasons Why John Saul Books Are Just Like Real Life

After that run of Past Impefects in the last 30 posts, let’s pull something out of the archives to cleanse our palates before moving on… 1. People don’t pay any attention to what’s going on around them.   This is a general theme in all of his books, with the townsfolk taking forever to figure … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why John Saul Books Are Just Like Real Life

when we met. | a/accident. #atozchallenge

when we met. a/accident. I have the worst luck ever. Was it too much to ask to make it home without anything going wrong? All I wanted was a glass of wine and a hot bath. But nooo. Worst luck ever. I rounded the corner at Main and Park, just a few blocks from home. … Continue reading when we met. | a/accident. #atozchallenge

Just a number? or: Late to my party

Sevenling (At twenty) At twenty, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life; at thirty, I was excited to pursue my dreams; at forty, I felt broken. At twenty, I was studying engineering in college; at thirty, I was studying Torah in Israel; at forty, I studied my belly button. Fifty? … Continue reading Just a number? or: Late to my party

out of the box.

National Crayon Day on March 31  sparks fond memories of childhood creations in full color as we celebrate one of America’s most beloved toys, the crayon! Crayons delight our senses not just with their brilliant colors but also with their distinct smell, the feel of them in our hands, and for some kids, the waxy … Continue reading out of the box.

“A beauty materialised in the east” #poem #poet #poetry

A beauty materialised in the east  as a rose coloured sky  fragrant as the new dawn  Bloomed aloft in the heavens  It caused a soft blush  to crown the rolling hills  With a euphoria of pale fuchsia  While the sparkling stream  that adorns the valley  Cut a delicate swathe  of gleaming pink  Far below the … Continue reading “A beauty materialised in the east” #poem #poet #poetry

Wind Me Up & Watch Me Spin

Tomorrow never comes. Today ends too soon. Yesterday happened a lifetime ago. Forever isn’t nearly long enough, and I don’t have anywhere near forever. It’s heartbreaking to live with this reality. Time slips away, faster each day, until the clock eventually stops ticking. Within each moment this truth lies, waiting in a dark corner. So, … Continue reading Wind Me Up & Watch Me Spin

What Scares Me Is That I’m Getting Better (audio) (day 87)

You could never drink enough. Even if you gave it everything you had. Threw your whole mind in it, your whole soul, whole body, let it drink you like an ocean of unforgiving power and pain. You could never drink enough to bury yourself for long enough. They tell me poison creates a thirst for … Continue reading What Scares Me Is That I’m Getting Better (audio) (day 87)

Travel plans for 2022

Hello, folks! It sure has been awhile since I’ve updated this blog, but things are looking brighter for 2022 in terms of travel. Since our last international trip to Cambodia and Vietnam shortly before the pandemic, we have not ventured outside of the province, let alone the country. We went on one short trip to … Continue reading Travel plans for 2022

10 Mind-Numbing Things That Just Happened to Me at Taco Bell

I just wanted a quick something to eat, folks. That’s it. And here we go… 1. I was nearly killed, Part I.   There I was, traveling along in my car, bellowing along with Adele as she set fire to the rain. (Isn’t it amazing how the lack of witnesses can make you think […]10 … Continue reading 10 Mind-Numbing Things That Just Happened to Me at Taco Bell


Happy Birthday to the Modern Pencil Was sticking an eraser on the back of a pencil common sense, or a new invention? This week in 1868, Philadelphia stationery store owner H.L. Lipman patented something that seems incredibly obvious in hindsight: a regular pencil, with an eraser on the end. Although Lipman is credited with this … Continue reading erased.