Day: April 4, 2022


Yesterday I was reminded of how far I’ve come with loving myself I’m part of the dirty thirty 2022 challenge on Facebook. So yesterday morning whilst sipping my morning coffee I pondered the daily prompt It was open – write about whatever you want If I wasn’t writing poetry daily, this would have been cause … Continue reading Wild

Best Shocker Goes To…

Only in Hollywood where you can get away slapping a Person in Public followed by getting a trophy and a standing ovation. Fact Check: Did Will Smith Receive a Standing Ovation at the Oscars? – Newsweek Yep, Shock was the right word for it. Then more Shock thereafter because of how the incident was casually … Continue reading Best Shocker Goes To…

Mean Street – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Sammy-Sander at “You are the hero of your own story.” Joseph Campbell Mean Street The hero’s journey is very bleak, everyone tells you as if you never knew, they hold you as a child in your place knowing that you are nothing of the sort, fearful of your confident advance, they neutralise your … Continue reading Mean Street – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Easter & Spring Dresses for Women and Little Girls || BONUS VIDEO ~ 2022

Nelson MCBS

Easter & Spring Dresses for Women and Little Girls || BONUS VIDEO ~ 2022

Here are some fun dresses for this Spring and summer!

Links from this video
Dress sandal shoes
Pink Dress
Whites Dress (Vineyard Vine)(similar)
V Neck blue dress
Green dress
Light Blue Linen (Cynthia Rowley) dress (similar)
Pink Little girl dress
Lacey white girl dress
More of my favorite dresses and fashion ideas

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Human Industry #poetry #earthweal

A tide of plastic is upon us,every day, we are bombarded, it is so seamlessly sewn into the fabric of our lives, we scarcely notice:plastic packaged fruit and vegplastic bags still everywhereplastic trays protect the meat we eatand the ‘earth friendly’ vegan products tooplastic helps prevent food waste, but spoils the earthplastic is a product of … Continue reading Human Industry #poetry #earthweal

Red Bellied Woodpecker Nesting

Back in 2016 a pair of woodpeckers decided to make a nest in my deteriorating maple tree at the edge of the back yard. We watched as thy carved a hole in the tree. I could see them working from my recliner. When they got it large enough to disappear inside, the female started laying … Continue reading Red Bellied Woodpecker Nesting

“Invisible” Apple Cake

As a fan of apple cakes, when I saw a few recipes for one with an intriguing name – “Invisible cake” – it immediately got my attention. As I started digging into it, I’ve learned that the cake originated in France, and is also quite popular in Japan. The cake contains a large amount of … Continue reading “Invisible” Apple Cake

And They Lived Happily Ever After #Poetry

He and she decided to get out of their stressful life and move into their own ancestral home. She had a few doubts in her mind so her mind was shaking. She was going to re-enter the house she had entered for the first time after marriage. She had many good and bad thoughts. At … Continue reading And They Lived Happily Ever After #Poetry