Near Miss

||skirmishes|| ||with|| ||reality||

The meaning of labor is far removed from what economists reckon. “You shall feel the sweat on your brow and toil in life’s fields.” (paraphrasing Genesis 3:17-19)…

In him sparkled Capricorn’s pragmatism
More glaring than I could sometimes behold
Already three young ones, and a leafy abode
Early 30’s
While I pilgrimed
Through a landscape of arts and esthetica
(loosely stitching an IT career in the intervals)
Weighing what matters on an other…
Not many could fathom my route, nor I

Yet we recognized our Self
in each one’s seeing, in thinking
and so collaborated awhile
in the guise of arcane earthly pursuits
teaching computers to do what we wanted
or what the corporation willed
and enjoyed humor and irony, time permitting

Till one day I arranged an experiment
proffering a different doorway
laying a tome on the passenger seat
knowing I’d drive this lunchtime
“Karmic Relationships, volume 6”

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