Sloppy overconfidence

The Incorrigible Kitten

First think of the title, then the content.

“Why thank you, brain,” I bellowed, “how disorderly of you to let me in on the secret years after I cry myself awake.”

“You’re welcome,” says brain, “that dribble of confidence swears down your chinny chin chin though. Now you must sleep till the morrow.”

Overconfidence makes one sloppy and somewhat a double-edged sword. It makes one lax, the guard is down and a bull’s-eye on a leathery back. Now closed, no more help can come through; at least nothing new and pertinent.

In exchange, armed with a diamond-shaped shield made of graphene. Make yourself impervious to anything designed to pin you to the ground. No hammering can royally steamroll your crown. King of the world, no one can say otherwise, at least not to you, convincingly.

I’m pulled in all directions, splayed onto the roughness of my hundred dollars shaggy rug…

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