The big picture

The Incorrigible Kitten

It’s that time of the year: a sort of makeshift random annual census that most count as unnecessary, a few others believing in its utility and a minor group liking the attention. This time around, we shall count amongst us, the easily bewitched by that one witching tree that elicits from them so much and only negative emotions, blinding them from the overarching goal of reforestation, a robust eco-system and the cooling effect of clouds —yes that’s a thing.

Today you will come to a realisation that a source of a big worry plaguing you for as long as you can remember, has in fact been neutralised. It has been for a while now; you’ve only noticed it today because you were too busy lamenting, wallowing or concentrating on whatever else in the interim. Now it has become startlingly clear that all that extra time you spent miserable were for…

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