Three Hints on Drafting, from my Do Better Writing Process: Editing Journal Notes

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These are notes from my Do Better editing journal (separate from my Do Better journal, which records my thoughts about the process while outlining, drafting, and editing this book).

0.) Always check pdfs of full rgh draft against chapter pdfs for completeness (I saved a pdf per chapter as I completed each chapter, which turns out not to have been such a great idea, maybe). This hint is probably not so applicable to most writers, I suppose, as most people just write in one long document, from what I gather. I like to post my chapters, so saving in a separate files makes that easier.

1.) Use only one s/w package, don’t switch between for drafts (switching between Open Office and ABIword to work in the library and at home, not a good idea: formatting loss…)
(-Check for all outline markers when updating. This is another hint that probably only…

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