Day: April 23, 2022

Beloved Hills

Fathoms of microcreaturesthat once lived bright livesin an ancient topographic oceandied, drifted, finally settledinto dark abyssal depthsin unfathomable time theydried, were compressed,eventually upliftedbecame the chalk thatnow underlies the rich flowery turfof my beloved hills Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond This is a Quadrille, written in response to a prompt on Dverse, where we had to … Continue reading Beloved Hills

cat shaking the paw by Bogdan Dragos

Originally posted on Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello: She could say it if she wanted to but the words would carry no weight behind them like a cat shaking the paw with you and not understanding the real meaning behind the gesture so was her every “I love you.” … Continue reading cat shaking the paw by Bogdan Dragos

Julia’s Kiss – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Merril is hosting Poetics with an invitation to choose from a list of rose names to write a poem about. I have chosen ‘Julia’s Kiss’ dVerse Poets – Poetics – Naming The Rose Photo: cottonbro at “Kiss me and you will see how important I am.” Sylvia Plath Julia’s Kiss She was … Continue reading Julia’s Kiss – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

hex sign Zentangle attempt on scratchboard

The Plein Air Experience

I’ll try again some other day.

The past few years I’ve seen a lot of Zentangles and thought that looks like fun. My daughter gave me a set of scratching pens because I was thinking of doing a PA. Dutch Easter egg and needed a new scratch tip for my pen. So I gave Zentangle a try on this little scratchboard. I might try to Zentangle an egg but for the 1st try I thought a flat surface might be easier. I don’t know if this is a good design or a bad one. The guy on a YouTube video said there is no right and wrong, just have fun. I like that guy’s attitude.

The hex sign is my fall back doodle because I’m PA Dutch but you can use a hex sign even if you’re not PA Dutch and you won’t hear a PA Dutch person yelling “cultural…

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baseball scene plan

The Plein Air Experience

Out back of my apartment you can see the little league fields. They have 3 or 4 fields with lights. I should try to do a nocturn from my balcony.

When I moved in here, 2020, the games were canceled and it was very quiet. Last year they came back and it gets loud but I don’t mind.

The view is partially blocked by cedar trees from my balcony but if I stand in front of the neighbors back door I have a better view. It won’t be a problem if I block their door because the apt. is empty as of last week and the company replaced the carpet already. I never hear anyone on the back stairs but I hear people talking in the tiny back yard, then there’s a tall fence between the apt and the fields.

This looks like a difficult painting. First of all it’s…

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A Reminder by Rain

Subdued Flamboyance

It was raining last night,
calm, gentle rain,
that tapped against my window pane,
& called me back from unsettled sleep,
to soothe a heart too numb to weep.

I pushed my window open wide,
to let the soothing rain rush inside.
It caressed my cheeks, lips, eyes & hair,
And for a moment I thought,
My beloved, you were there.

I was, in fact, thinking of you today,
And these days, I actually do that a lot it seems.
You’re always in my heart by day,
At night you drift into my dreams.

I want to feel you in my arms,
Even though you’re so miles away.
I hope you still remember me deep in your heart,
Even if we speed on different paths today.

I want to be the music that you listen to,
I’ll be there in every song.
I’ll laugh with you and sing with you,

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An unrealistic dream

Subdued Flamboyance


Romance in my life is like sand,

A strong gust of wind sifts it through my hand.

With you, all my dreams seemed like coming true,

You’ve robbed me of those, what can I now do?

The hopes that we shared, the dreams that we saw,

Then you turned around leaving a scar that went raw.

The truth you tell me hurts more than your lie,

Once I learned it, I started to cry.

I still think of you lying in that bed,

And wonder if there is anything I could have done & said.

I wish you were still here,

But I know you’re still near.

You weren’t just my lover but my best-friend as well,

I gave you my all when in love I fell.

Into a million pieces I have been shattered,

Neither you cared, nor did it mattered.

Look at all the pain I’ve won,


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The worst has already passed

Subdued Flamboyance

When you feel so lonely and can’t sleep at night,
because everything gives you a fright.
The pain and the sadness takes control,
and once again you’re all alone.

I love darkness, I am afraid of the light, the only light I love staring at, is the moonlight.

I devote myself to acting happy,
but at night when I’m all alone,
some how it all spills out,
when no-one can see, and no-one can hear.
All of the pain and all of the fear.

Each day I live, the pain consumes,
What little sanity I have bloomed.
Like walking in a cloud of fog,
Falling down, sinking into smog.

Down in a black hole trying to escape depression,
But you can’t run away from what will always be your reflection.
And as you run away reality is getting nearer,
And instead of changing you, you try to change the mirror.

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Your eyes……I remember

Subdued Flamboyance

The days, we sat side by side,
I remember your eyes beckoning me to hold you.
The days, we shared a hearty laugh,
I remember your eyes conveying to me the closeness of the two.

The days, our arms were wrapped around each other,
I remember your eyes showing the intimacy of our bond.
The days, you were sad & jolted,
I remember a look of yearning to be comforted.

When my deeds hurt you to the core,
I remember your eyes showing me the pain you could bear no more.
Those eyes spoke to me in so many ways, sweetheart.
When I listened with mine & responded with my heart.

Your eyes invited me towards you,
As I leaned in to embrace you.
Your eyes closed gently with emotions,
As I kissed your soft rosy petals.

Your eyes conveyed,
What you desired, my dear.
For desires and wishes are,

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I’ll go on with my life, my love

Subdued Flamboyance

Saying you love me with that look in your eye,
Was that a cold-hearted lie?
As I sit here thinking about you,
My face is wet with tears past due.

pic-blog-1 (1)

My companions see me smiling,
Deep inside I know, I am dying.
I know I have to surrender and not show,
To cease and ease the misery & let go.

When I was down and even sad,
When I felt angry, rather mad,
When I was in tears, feeling bad,
My love for you dear, I always maintained.

And thus, I shall try to explain,
That despite heavy pouring rain,
In times of sorrow and of throbbing pain,
My love for you did not go into vain.

Bit by bit,
Day by day,
I was losing myself in you,
In a strange yet special way.

Was it your sweetness that melted my heart,
Or was it your smile that caused…

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Believe in Yourself!

Payal's blog

Be your own support system!

No one is born skilled.

They all work hard for it.

If you’re persistent enough towards your goal,

You’re definitely going to achieve it, sooner or later, anyway.

Consistency is the key to success, we all are familiar to the saying.

Albeit, we don’t want to leave our comfort zone for the sake of it.

As there’s still a dash of uncertainty in ourselves that Am I going to make it or not?

This uncertainty needs to be vanished rn.

As this will just going to make you self doubt on your ability.

So, just focus on the positive aspect.

Appreciate yourself on your little success and don’t be harsh on yourself.

Be your own support system and stop seeking everybody’s slant on what to do or what not?

It’s your life and you’re the master of it.

Don’t let anyone else row your life…

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Payal's blog

We are the Masters of Creation!

We all humans have created the untrue possible.

Our imagination plays a vital role in making our futuristic World more advanced than a century ago.

We are the homo sapiens who believe in illustration of our subconscious mind.

And then work hard to make it Real!

Some believe it while the other doesn’t.

It really doesn’t matter how many years, decades or century goes by;

Albeit that visionary imagination will be used in the future as an asset of profit.

Payal Saran

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Monster Acrylic Painting!

Payal's blog

Monster from The Cabin in the Woods!

So, this is my first blog related to my Painting and I hope whoever is skimming through it, likes it!

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn or paint anything since last September.

Albeit, Art always gives me the tranquility that this world often fails to.

And I often find myself lost in the creative world of Art from which I really don’t want to get out of.

I know many people say Art is like Meditation and imo it’s literal.

When I think that certain things are not going the way I want it to be and get slightly stressed out then I often do art to relieve stress;

Art is really like a meditation to me!

When I do art it feels like I’m in an Imaginary World which I can express it on a piece of blank paper and fill…

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Failure : First Step To Success!

Payal's blog

You’re halfway there!

Sometimes life seems tough and you’ve to face so many hurdles and failures in your life but you know what?

There’s going to be more ups and downs in your life.

Failures, disappointments and non-fulfillment of your dreams that you’ve been working hard for all this while.

But you just gotta get up every time and be stronger than ever before.

Don’t give up!

Don’t waste your life being unhappy when you’re unable to make up to the mark.

Instead of beating up yourself on your unsuccessful attempts;

Tell yourself, “It’s okay! You gave your 100% to it. If not this time then it’ll be next time for sure. “

Give yourself treat instead of blaming yourself for your failures because you know more than anybody else that how hard you worked for it.

Be gentle on yourself because It’s just life which is very unpredictable.


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