Your eyes……I remember

Subdued Flamboyance

The days, we sat side by side,
I remember your eyes beckoning me to hold you.
The days, we shared a hearty laugh,
I remember your eyes conveying to me the closeness of the two.

The days, our arms were wrapped around each other,
I remember your eyes showing the intimacy of our bond.
The days, you were sad & jolted,
I remember a look of yearning to be comforted.

When my deeds hurt you to the core,
I remember your eyes showing me the pain you could bear no more.
Those eyes spoke to me in so many ways, sweetheart.
When I listened with mine & responded with my heart.

Your eyes invited me towards you,
As I leaned in to embrace you.
Your eyes closed gently with emotions,
As I kissed your soft rosy petals.

Your eyes conveyed,
What you desired, my dear.
For desires and wishes are,

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