Day: April 24, 2022

Dance #senryu

‘Exhale open hall’carved and embedded structureattracts me to dance ©️ Jane Aguiar Pic Credit: Pinterest Written in response to: What Do You See by Sadje Thank you for reading. Stay Blessed! 💞Dance #senryu

Which is more scenic, Big Sur or Carmel side of Bixby Bridge?

On the Carmel side of Bixby Bridge along Coastal Highway 1, scenic view overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the grand Mountains of Big Sur. It is the Postcard Landmark for Tourists and Roadtrippers. It’s hard to predict how this place will reveal itself. Some days it’s foggy and gloomy, creating drama and irresistible sadness. On … Continue reading Which is more scenic, Big Sur or Carmel side of Bixby Bridge?

Not Cold

“I am not cold!” “Your lips are blue,” the mother deadpanned. “They’re not!” the child insisted, her exclaim dampened by chattering teeth. “I see,” the woman breathed and swallowed a retort. The girl was altogether too much like herself and would only dig in deeper if confronted. One set of eyes stared at the […]Not … Continue reading Not Cold

Drawn On Love – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse De is hosting the Quadrille (44 words) with an invitation to write about chalk. dVerse Poets – Quadrille – Chalk It Up To Poetry Photo: “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.” Paul Klee Drawn On Love He looked at her long recognising the stirrings deep within, he took … Continue reading Drawn On Love – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Take a step up,never look down,fill empty cups,erase sad frowns.Help others jump,hopes off the ground,Heartbeats will pumpas joys compound. Syrup filled words,make actions sweet.Escape the herd,do not compete.Fly like a bird,whistle and tweet.Dust off old sherds,heal and complete. Dreams come alive,mindful designs.Help others strive,if goals align.Let wishes drive,on roads that shine.All blessings thrive,and feel divine. … Continue reading Motivate

radiance wild

trepidation is a trickle of dewupon a flower sitting kindly in the afternoon sun long and lovelybending towards the warmth of your smile a radiance wild nesting inside my heart weaved of colors long and short blues, lavenders, and pinks, always remind me of you a rainbow festival callswhile I linger in the shadows petalsand … Continue reading radiance wild

Turn it Around

Tied and bound,not too late.Look around,can not wait.Sorrows drowned,skip to fate.Wear a crown,life is great. Make a mark,to inspire.Find a spark,start the fire.Light up dark,gain desires.Then embark,to aspire. Opened eyes,wisdom shown.Thoughts arise,lessons owned.Strength defies,what is known.Goals set high,wishes blown. – Grace Y. Estevez – ReddyTurn it Around

Beloved Hills

Fathoms of microcreaturesthat once lived bright livesin an ancient topographic oceandied, drifted, finally settledinto dark abyssal depthsin unfathomable time theydried, were compressed,eventually upliftedbecame the chalk thatnow underlies the rich flowery turfof my beloved hills Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond This is a Quadrille, written in response to a prompt on Dverse, where we had to … Continue reading Beloved Hills