Day: April 28, 2022

St. Joseph the Protector

St. Joseph the Protector

Nelson MCBS

St. Joseph the Protector

St Joseph the Protector

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Writing: Expectations Versus Reality

One day the idea comes to you… yes, you can write a novel! You’ve lived through a few experiences that you can write about, or you already have a well thought out plot. You want to get started now – there’s no time to waste. Words pour out of you; you sometimes even forget to … Continue reading Writing: Expectations Versus Reality

In Cuthbert’s Footsteps #poetry

First to Durham, where his bones are laidwe ventured, pilgrims beneath vaulted ribshand close to hand but not quite touching yet, we falteredfell to final parting with a kiss And then another! Led us onto Yorkwhere Cuthbert’s teachings and his gospel spreadwithin the Minster’s blue-lit reliquaryour muse alight, our hearts and hands bequeathed  In Edinburgh … Continue reading In Cuthbert’s Footsteps #poetry

So Too In Life – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: from “Anger and bitterness can be like weeds.” Connie Rose Porter So Too In Life Love for a garden can be devoured so easily by its many interlopers, not least the greedy weed who masquerades as desired, mimics for a moment your many plants, and takes a lion’s share of goodness for itself. … Continue reading So Too In Life – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Ferdinand’s ghost

Yesterday’s dverse prompt was to write a sonnet or any other poetry form, incorporating the title of one of Shakespeare’s plays. Today, the NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a duplex sonnet. Too good a coincidence to miss, but since I didn’t warm to the duplex option, here is an ordinary sonnet with Shakespearean overtones. Painting … Continue reading Ferdinand’s ghost

East Anglia – The Evolution of Caravans

Warning – the post contains images that some readers might find upsetting. It had been a glorious day weather wise but the forecast for the next few days was really rather grim and although we arrived in sunshine  clouds were already worryingly close by and the prospects were depressingly bleak. Before travel I had rather … Continue reading East Anglia – The Evolution of Caravans

Step Aside

Though tempted to give sound advice,to share my view, I must think twice. Some people ask for the plain truth,yet choose a mask while holding proof. Honest viewpoints could shake their core,alter their hoist as hopes deplore. Try hard to help prevent a fall.Stay in my realm until they call. Grasp self control to bite … Continue reading Step Aside

Stressed out? — Walking Together on Holy Ground

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”  – Charles Spurgeon There’s plenty to be stressed about these days, and so much of what makes us anxious is beyond our control. On the other hand, there are really practical things we can do to reduce stress in our […]Stressed … Continue reading Stressed out? — Walking Together on Holy Ground

Wanna Read Something Deep? — Be Inspired..!!

Have you ever heard a song a couple times and enjoyed it or whatever but then you hear it again and you think “damn this is the best song I’ve ever heard.” like you already knew it existed but for some reason it really hits you that one time and you’re like wow I wanna […]Wanna … Continue reading Wanna Read Something Deep? — Be Inspired..!!

An Eye Opener — Be Inspired..!!

You could die tomorrow. So, buy the shirt. Get your hair wet in the pool. Ride the rollercoaster. Speak up for what you believe is right. Spend the money. Eat the ice cream. Tell him that you love him. Sleep until the sun wakes you up. Take care of yourself. Cut your hair. Dance in […]An … Continue reading An Eye Opener — Be Inspired..!!