Adobe of soul

Series : dark 2017-2020

  • Dark Season 1 Episode 1
  • Dark Season 1 Episode 3
  • Dark Season 1 Episode 10

Raiderwas a brand of chocolate bar by Mars distributed in Northern Europe. It was introduced in West Germany and Austria in 1976 and sold under that name until 1991, when it was renamedTwixin line with the brand name used elsewhere in the world.

Mads Nielsenloved the chocolate.Jana Nielsenfound a Raider wrapper in the forest in 2019 and suspected it had something to do with Mads’ disappearance.Helge Doppleralso enjoyed it, and ate a chocolate bar earlier on the same day he kidnapped Mads.

Mikkel Nielsensees a television ad for Raider through the window of the Nielsen home, after traveling to 1986 MagnusandFranziskaare watching television at theNielsen family homehome when a Raider commercial comes on whenThe Strangeractivates theapparatusin thecaves. Raider (pronunciation likeriderin German) was a top-selling chocolate bar…

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