Mog / Love / प्रेम #poetry

Mog….. Ful’lem ful’lemMhojem jivit ful’lem.Kalljant mhojeam, tuzoch mog ful’lom.Kallij dhoddhoddtamani mogacho uzo petttam! Petlom petlommogacho divo petlom.Kalljant mhojeam tuzoch uzo petlom.Kalljak mhojeam vhodd sontos bhoglomani mogachi urba zaglim! Zaglem zaglemMhojem monn zaglem.Kalljant mhojeam tuzoch mog zaglom.anjeam mhojeam khuxalkai zaglimani jivitachi aas bhaglim! Love….. Bloom bloom, bloom my lifeIn my heart, your love blossoms.Heart pounding, the […]

Mog / Love / प्रेम #poetry

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