Turn Tunes Into Levels

B'tter Life In Overall

My babu once told me something which calmed me down previously. Without any waste of time, he said, “While having a goal and it is to become successful; there will always be dogs behind to bark at you.”

Eventually, He compared “Me” to a vehicle, “If the vehicle stopped at the gate, with two dogs sitting next to it quietly, then the vehicle be started quitely from inside. The dogs will stand up at its starting sound. Mainly, as it begins to move forward, then the dogs will run after it, barking angrily and loudly at it. Hence, the vehicle ignores the dogs because it has goal to reach, which is a new destiny. And as the vehicle is focused on the goal, the dogs will become tired, then stop at a certain point. Although, as the dogs are people’s favorite pets, there will be another dogs…

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