I Love You Daddy

Your Last Day On Earth

Hayley was trying to write “I love you daddy”. It was the last part she wanted to do, on the car drawing she joyfully made for her dad.. Her dad loves working on cars. Hayley was upset that she made a mistake with a lower case “i”. I tried to help her. But I got frustrated that she had drama over how to fix it, recreate it or leave it..

Our Heavenly Father is so kind with us.. He gives freedom to make choices, and embraces us as we let Him help.. He doesn’t give up. He equips us in love and shows us the way to go. Step by step He lights our path. Hayley is a five year old child of God. She chose to fix the “i”to an “I”, then wanted to recreate the mistake. I left her to have all the time she would like.


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