Freedom From Exile

Wordy Spirit

Shackled in our own mind..

There have been many exiles throughout the ages. Of various different forms, alternate realities and tales, yet all involving those who were tortured, persecuted, and shamed. Throughout the millennia there has been multitudes of people from different ethnicity groups, races, and cultures who were forced into exile due to reasons which can not be comprehended in todays modern culture and date and age.

We all know stories dating thousands of years. Take the Jews in Egypt, who were forced into slavery and subjugation; the cassocks, the Romans, and their progeny in later years who attacked their prey with ruthlessness. There were always those who lived in constant fear of yet another tragedy or attack. Absolutely paralyzed by the knowledge that they would be the helpless victim of the bloody perpetrators yet again.

Nowadays we scarcely know of such a reality. There may be isolated incidents…

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