Wordy Spirit

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To my beloved husband, soul mate, and best friend. Written in honor of Our Anniversary!

Every time I look at you

There’s so much that I see

Will you ever know just how much

I’m glad that you’re with me?

Every time you take me ‘round

Or kiss and squeeze my hand

Babe, just how loved you are

I hope you understand.

The feeling of just being here

Completely one with you

The love you give, the things you say

You know I love you too!?

So tonight when we come

closer all the way

My precious thing- there is just

Too much I should say.

You make me happy just because

You’re mine and always will

The way you laugh and wink to me

The way time stands still.

Just how much you are loved,

Respected for who you are

There’ll never be…

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