In parts of our city, the power went out intentionally outages after a strong storm,to prevent further damages, to make surewe all will be comfortable during the summer. It was uncomfortable, a bit too warmbut how wonderful to know for surethe power will come back on, the bills are paidthere is no doubt on our […]



I come here to say the exact same thingFor the warmth of your wing,I’m tired of the know-it-all worldof being here, terrified and curled. Poets on the streets say, it’s okayEncouraging us to live another day,Who knows about the next second?Society is crying, stressing over. You see this world will never knowNor do they care […]


Hold The Night – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Laura is hosting Poetics with an invitation to write a deathbed poem. dVerse Poets – Poetics – Words of Departure The quote for the epigraph is the line I chose out of the six offered. Photo: Close to the border between Western Australia and the Northern Territory. “Go on get out! Last words […]

Hold The Night – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

For Dad on Father’s Day

A few days ago, Ally, from The Spectacled Bean (why I kept seeing Speckled instead of Spectacled, is beyond me, and I apologize, Ally), shared some quirky deets about her father.  This was inspired by her watching the last season of Grace and Frankie (which I loved, too), in particular, the Paprikash episode where Grace […]

For Dad on Father’s Day

How Journalling Can Unlock Your Creativity, And Perhaps Give You X-Ray Vision

Well, I hope you clicked knowing that I’d sprinkled a smidgeon of clickbait, but x-ray vision is not totally out of the picture, you know? Maybe not literally, but you could definitely x-ray right through your thoughts. How you like that? Science, witch! Anyway, I’ve been chatting about all things journalling with my newsletter group […]

How Journalling Can Unlock Your Creativity, And Perhaps Give You X-Ray Vision