Modern advice

t r e f o l o g y

part one

The power of books, or, What to do to avoid a spanking


It seems to me,

when I was a kid,

I was always

getting into some

sort of mischief.


I was always

getting caught, too,

and, then,

soundly spanked.


“Just wait til your father comes home!” My mother would say to me.


And I wondered,

What could I do to avoid any further spankings?


And, then,

the answer came to me, 

and it came to me,

in the form of a book,

… and it was good.


And, so, knowing a

spanking was imminent,

I went to the study,

and found the thickest

book on the shelf, and


concealed that book

in the

back-side of my pants.


Then, later,

as fore-told, my father

came home from work,

heard what I had done,

stormed into my room,

dropped me…

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