Quiet (epilogue)


Everyone loves a quiet girl, right?

Omg.. i have procastinated this for too long.. today mean today! (or tomorrow) no.. today..





Ansh sips her glass of lemonade.. [coffee was never her thing… and I agree with her.. coffee is kinda overrated 🙂 … shusshhh.. let’s just agree to disagree .. coz I have to finish this story SOON .. shhhh]

so yeah.. a sip of lemonade… 1.15 am .. Pari, blissfully unconscious on the hospital bed, shifts to her right, where Ansh was sitting.

Wr-wrong.. I was wrong” she grumbles while trying to open her eyes.

it’s okay Pari.. everything is all right.. you rest .. I’ll be here all night.” Ansh reassures.

But the warnings Ansh-

Don’t worry about it.. I was unnecessarily hyper about it.. they were nothing.”

Huh? What? You? You are saying they…

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