Great Love Yields Great Things

B'tter Life In Overall™️

To break the lovey ice, Love is the endless foundation of all relations to connect in all ways. Actually, it enables us to glow and be nurtured within it.

Nevertheless, while in love, be alert to not waste time believing marriage will approach, but not behaving like a wife with wedding expectation sooner. Hence, behaving like a teenager whom just began entering the dating industry, and would like to show off to the entire world.

Henceforth, there are certain levels as ladies, we believe we are ready to be somebody’s wives. Actually, men do not just take any lady and make her his wife. Eventually, there are certain traits which men wants in wife. Thus, once they find them in the lady they are dating with, they will treasure her and ensure she is his wife and mother of his babies.

Hopefully, men value a good listener

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