Avocado Seed And Water Planting Experiment

B'tter Life In Overall™️

First foremost, there are healthy and unhealthy things in this life. Hence, anything which does not bear fruits is cut off, then thrown into fire as wood. Yet, one has to be on wait before taking such action.

Furthermore, good things come to those who wait, great things comes to those who take action.

Henceforth, most folks think in order to reach something, they have to wait for it. Although, they have to stamp their foot, pull up their socks, then begin working while waiting for development.

Unfortunately, no development can reinvent, reinstall and reinforce itself. Hence, one begins with an idea before it becomes reality. Hence, for that reality to occur, one have to get dirty. Even if it means crossing a muddy sea to reach another side of the road inland, let it be.

Fairly, as long as you will reach where you want to…

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