Add Milk into Dates and Nuts, the result will surprise you !!

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French Baby

Campus is a beautiful paradise for anyone who calls it home. It is filled with people who have hearts that are as warm as the sand on the beach. Join us today as we debunk the common myths about it. Feel free to add yours.

1. On campus there is minimal or zeroreading. Back in high school, we were told to study hard since on campus all we would do was relax. This was nothing but fiction. Without intensive reading, a comrade will proudly earn himself a cordial invitation as a chief guest to an event dubbed Supplementary Exam (Sup). As a norm, without adequate preparedness, your only companion in the exam room will be a plague of darkness. A plague as dark as your ex’s heart or as Ongwano Jarabai would say as dark as the ghost of Garbatulla.

For you to survive on campus, you must make…

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Nyakwar Otare- The Megastar Blogger in the Technical University of Kenya.

French Baby

Seldom does a blogger get a chance to read their story as narrated by another person. Today, I am privileged to talk about one distinguished blogger at the Technical University of Kenya-Cougauhney Otare alias Nyakwar.

Nyakwar is a luminary name in the blogging world. He is doubtlessly the megastar in the sphere of blogging in T.U.K. Trying to separate Nyakwar from blogging, is like trying to resuscitate an electrocuted chicken. It’s pointless!

Cougnaey Otare alias Nyakwar- Winner of Blogger of the year award 2021/2022.

He is currently in his final year pursuing Surveying Technology. His intelligence is admirable. Unfortunately, the eye-hawked paparazzi have not yet been able to establish his relationship status. Sorry ladies. He currently holds the title of the Blogger of the Year Award Winner 2021/2022 in T.U.K.

In our institution, it is considered a sin to hate Nyakwar. How do you even start hating on…

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Musa Lee: the Beacon of Hope.

French Baby

Musa Lee Aziz isn’t a new name in T.U.K. He is eminent for his Taekwondo’s expertise. He is also a former aspirant for the seat of T.U.K Sports Secretary 2021/2022. His close friends refer to him as an ocean of good luck neatly wrapped with icing of great charisma.

He describes himself as a go-getter, loving, intuitive, pragmatic and neurotic. He is a biology student currently in his final year. He draws inspiration from his father, Aziz Senior and Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. Through Taekwondo, he teaches young people to rise like vapour against various vices like oppression, victimization and all other kinds of abuse.

Musa Lee laughing heartilyas he poses for a photo.

He is a class representative as well as the captain of the T.U.K Taekwondo Club. Besides, he plays the role of the Chairperson for the Technical University of Kenya Mulembe Students Association. He…

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The Bragi, or: Creativity verses form

Sangeetha & David’s new poetry project Once upon a time, two poets who’d never met in person began writing verses back and forth over the Internet. Their first project took them some nine months: a 100 verse Hyakuin. Once they’d completed their first oeuvre, they decided to continue their journey together; and Sangeetha came up […]

The Bragi, or: Creativity verses form


A photograph of a mara roaming free photographed at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire. Camera Settings Camera: Canon EOS 1100DLens: Canon EF75-300mm f/4-5.6F/Number: f/5.6ISO: 100 Focal Distance: 300 mmShutter Speed: 1/320 secSoftware: Adobe Lightroom Classic Photographer: Ash Ryan Roaming free around Whipsnade Zoo grounds are Maras… they are like a cross between a hare/rabbit deer. You […]


‘The nightscape’

The nightscape skims the hem of heaven at the hour of dusk When shadows lengthen and compound the mystery of night  While a serene moon inclines its opaque countenance to’ard a distant earth far below this exalted dominion  As the empyrean enigma which pervades the violet skySparkles with an eternity of stars in an endless glory of luminaries  Scattered across a taut sheetthat adorns […]

‘The nightscape’

Give Us Back Our Voice

Culturally-diversified biracial girl witha small diamond nose ring and a pretty smileposes beside the words“Women Deserve Better”. and I almost let her non-threatening grinbegin to infiltrate my psycheuntil I read the unlikely small printat the bottom of the ad:Sponsored by the US Secretariat for Pro-Life Activitiesand the Knights of Columbus On a busin a citywith […]

Give Us Back Our Voice

No Feeling Is Final

June has been my least fruitful writing month in years. With bigger priorities, I didn’t care to write about bleh and couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for fluff. Then, a week ago, I attended an online workshop led by my former student Monique Mitchell. Monique was my student in sophomore English back in 2007. I’m not […]

No Feeling Is Final

Creative Gems Volume 1 is out now!

About 4 months ago, I posted a silly idea of making a book together. I asked people to write a short story or poem based on any of the drawings on my website. It quickly became clear that more than just a few were interested. More than 20 authors have submitted their story and I […]

Creative Gems Volume 1 is out now!