Musa Lee: the Beacon of Hope.

French Baby

Musa Lee Aziz isn’t a new name in T.U.K. He is eminent for his Taekwondo’s expertise. He is also a former aspirant for the seat of T.U.K Sports Secretary 2021/2022. His close friends refer to him as an ocean of good luck neatly wrapped with icing of great charisma.

He describes himself as a go-getter, loving, intuitive, pragmatic and neurotic. He is a biology student currently in his final year. He draws inspiration from his father, Aziz Senior and Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. Through Taekwondo, he teaches young people to rise like vapour against various vices like oppression, victimization and all other kinds of abuse.

Musa Lee laughing heartilyas he poses for a photo.

He is a class representative as well as the captain of the T.U.K Taekwondo Club. Besides, he plays the role of the Chairperson for the Technical University of Kenya Mulembe Students Association. He…

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