Nyakwar Otare- The Megastar Blogger in the Technical University of Kenya.

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Seldom does a blogger get a chance to read their story as narrated by another person. Today, I am privileged to talk about one distinguished blogger at the Technical University of Kenya-Cougauhney Otare alias Nyakwar.

Nyakwar is a luminary name in the blogging world. He is doubtlessly the megastar in the sphere of blogging in T.U.K. Trying to separate Nyakwar from blogging, is like trying to resuscitate an electrocuted chicken. It’s pointless!

Cougnaey Otare alias Nyakwar- Winner of Blogger of the year award 2021/2022.

He is currently in his final year pursuing Surveying Technology. His intelligence is admirable. Unfortunately, the eye-hawked paparazzi have not yet been able to establish his relationship status. Sorry ladies. He currently holds the title of the Blogger of the Year Award Winner 2021/2022 in T.U.K.

In our institution, it is considered a sin to hate Nyakwar. How do you even start hating on…

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