25 Blog Ideas For Summer

Sara Flower Kjeldsen Writes

#1 10 Staycation Ideas

#2 10 Things To Do In Your City During The Summer

#3 10 Free/Affordable Date Night Ideas

#4 How To Plan The Perfect Picnic

#5 My Top 5 Summer Reads

#6 30-Day Summer Photography Challenge

#7 10 Things I Love About Summer

#8 What Does Your Favourite Icecream Flavour Mean? (You could do a quiz)

#9 My Favourite Things About June/July/August (Post one in each month)

#10 Summer Giveaway (Could be a book, summer beauty finds, gift card, etc.)

#11 Do A Summer Book/Beauty/Outfit Haul

#12 8 Ways To Enjoy The Summer On A Budget

#13 Low Spend Summer Challenge

#14 Thrift Shopping Challenge

#15 5 Ways To Save Money This Summer

#16 5 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas

#17 Top 10 Favourite Summer Movies

#18 Post A Favourite Cold Drink Recipe

#19 Talk About Your Summer Plans/Goals

#20 Do A Summer Reading Challenge

#21 Summer Playlist/Favourite…

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