Foods That Can Keep You Awake

Francochuks' Blog

Sometimes, there are necessities of staying awake either at night or in the day. Maybe you are on work shift which you have to be awake and agile, if not, your pay goes missing.

There are many foods which has been stipulated in many researches, that can keep you awake all day and all night, but this post has mapped out just four of them which can keep you awake till your work is over. But before I can list the foods, the question should be if those foods are safe to the health or not.

Sleep is of course very essential for the development of the brain and body response to stimulus or environment. Denying the body sleep is just like keeping the Generator working for 24hrs and more without stop. Have you seen where a car of 2000km is driven 3000km? Breakdown is imminent. That’s what staying awake…

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