Heavy Breathing: Causes and Remedies

Francochuks' Blog

Have you been noticing your breathing getting heavier all the time, even when you have not done any hard work. Normally, we breathe heavily when we climb the staircases or when we exercise but not normal when you are free from work or stress.

Heavy breathing is just the sign that your body needs to work harder for enough oxygen, which might have been exhausted or heavily used during work or exercise. But in a situation of constant heavy breathing, even without strenuous work, can be caused by either lungs disorder, cold, etc.

How Breathing Works

It is of no use, talking about heavy breathing without first of all looking into how a normal breathing should look like and what constitutes breathing. Breathing is the act of respiration, which is the process of inhaling and exhaling air through the nose and mouth to the lungs. When you breathe in (inhale)…

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