How You Can Grow Your Hair With Honey

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We use honey as natural substitute for sugar, as honey is very healthy and nutritious choice in comparison to sugar. Honey is very effective in evening out skin tone and treating acne. Likewise honey can do wonders in conditioning and softening your hair. But not many people know that honey can be used for boosting hair growth and curbing hair loss. Let us learn how honey is beneficial in hair growth and loss.

Scalp is the part of the head where the hair grows from, or used to grow from. That is the to of the head.

Honey contains Carbohydrate, vitamins, mineral, proteins, enzymes and antioxidants for scalp and the hair health. Honey is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria and has moisturizing properties. Apart from preventing infections such as psoriasis and eczema, applying honey on the scalp can also help in hair growth.

Bee honey can also fight dandruff, prevent hair loss…

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