Why So Simple? – Art With Everything

AWE - Art With Everything

Watercolours on 200 GSM paper




A multi-cellular body,

In a multiverse,

Bounded by many realities

And freed by some,

It’s here I have come,

To experience the thrill of living,

The joy of giving,

The grace in forgiving,

Oh, what have I become?

Why so simple?

In a world so complex!

Where I can hardly tell the difference,

Between emotions and emojis?

With half of our lives being run by machines,

I know not who is who!

“Alexa, turn up the volume, will you?”

Where is the warmth,

Of the heart of a human?

The flowing depth of it’s nature,

That once streamed through it’s veins?

“Siri, why does no one ever understand?”

And pat comes a quote from a person,

Long dead,

But for his immortal philosophy,

Which, under a nano-second,

Siri had fully read!

So, I choose to take the old route,

I make room…

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