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Childhood is the earliest period of a person’s life. This is a period when memory is not very sharp and lasting. Up to the age oftwo to three, a child easily forgets happy or unhappy moments. He has only animal instincts to pursue. The emotional moments do not have strong impact on a child’s mind. From that age onwards, his emotional senses start developing, while philosophical and spiritual selves need rest of the life to be developed.

As a child grows up, he feels more and more attached with his childhood because the ever growing responsibilities, overpowering demands of life and rapid awakening of the world around force him to be nostalgic about childhood. The oppressing demands of life force him to take refuge in the dim, happy and carefree memories of childhood, when life was nothing more than eat drink and be merry. The unforgettable charm of child…

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Writing, Then and Now

Hi, SEers! You’re with Mae today, and I’ve got nothing heavy on tap—just some reminiscing which hopefully you’ll find enjoyable. Depending how long you’ve been putting pen to paper (an old expression that works for this post), you may remember some of the “technology” I’ve highlighted below. I started writing early. I was six when […]

Writing, Then and Now


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Discipline means to do a thing in an orderly manner. it is strict obedience to certain rules and regulations. A greatdiscipline is found in the working of the universe. our stars, earth, moon and sun all obey the will of Allah and move in a set pattern. The seasons come and go in an orderly manner. The flowers and fruit on the plants and trees come out at their regular time. The rivers and the seas are also punctual in their movement. if they become irregular in their function, they are bound to create disorder in the universe.

Discipline is required in every field of life. Our great leader Quid-e-Azam has strongly advocated the cause of discipline, He says that the progress of a nation lies in following the principles of Unity, Faith and discipline. Our religion Islam also urges us to foster unity and discipline in our…

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By the window: A poem

Moon in my windowI can see that you’re watching meSoon by my willowI can hear your voice in the sea Thousand miles we goIt is not that old little meMillion memories growIn bend and forgotten trees Ancient rhythms sowA tale so old to preachMy mind it sings lowFor a nameless land I reach I see […]

By the window: A poem

Travelling—– as a part of Education…

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Travelling has always been considered a part of education by all thinkers and writers of the world. We can get education and knowledge by two ways, study of books and by means of travelling.

Knowledge gained from book is theoretical and imperfect. It is second hand knowledge. We can get first hand knowledge from our meeting with men and women. The knowledgewhich we get from our acquaintance with things and men can be called fresh and first hand. It has been rightly said by Shakespeare “Home keeping youth have homely wits”. It is our mixing with men and women which bestows on us real knowledge. It is only through travelling that we learn more about the living habits, morals and customs of people than by reading books.

All the great scholars and writers have considered travellingas a partof education. Almost all great scholars from Chaucer…

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Birdsong #poetry

Every day, I waken to birdsong:sometimes the lark and thrush, sweet twitteringor the sparrow and the chaffinch, cheerful chatteringor the rook, cawing in raucous symphony:signature calls, all poetry to me Your touch draws out a different kind of birdsonglow moaning, from a hollow deep in metransformed through love into a holy plainsongwhere never sin, nor […]

Birdsong #poetry

Story Length

Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today. Previously, I talked about the advantages of writing short stories and participating in anthologies. Today, I’ll cover story length and the various definitions used in fiction. Later, I’ll pose a question. Image courtesy of Pixabay There are several terms to define works of fiction based upon the length […]

Story Length


A puppeteer,happily laughs.Eagerly steers,a narrow path. Pulling my strings,making me fling,giving me wings,dance as he sings. Well entertained,as he creates.Knowledge ingrained,he gives as traits. Gives me a life,that he designs,opens his eyes,while closing mine. A breath of light,planted inside.Provides insight,serves as a guide. Hides far behind,thoughts in my mind,feels undefined,and so divine. – Grace Y. […]


Unanswered Questions

Marc Chagall, “The Fiddler,” 1912 Unanswered Questions If hearts can feel joy,why do theirs not wish it for all?Tiny objects full of fear, they trust fake wizards,sing of better times in out-of-tune voices,and wait endlessly for their gardens to bloom. Like a dream,the fiddler plays and the rain stops—is he man or god?If the moon […]

Unanswered Questions

Telling a Good Story

The other day my friend, Eric was over and started telling a story that had us all rapt, including my almost 7-year-old daughter and her friend who usually dismiss grown-up talk as boring. The story was about a summer job when he was in high school as a tennis instructor at a little neighborhood beach […]

Telling a Good Story

Thieves – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photos: I apologise for ruining your moment with this but … left to right (no pun intended) Scott Morrison former PM of Australia; Donald Trump former president of the US; Boris Johnson caretaker PM of UK for three months having resigned as leader of the Tory Party. Found at Leaders who were self-focussed, ignorant, […]

Thieves – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Book Review of Amanda in France and Q&A with Darlene Foster

Originally posted on Bonnie Reads and Writes: Self-Published Saturday is my effort to help Self-Published and Indie authors promote their books. Today I’m reviewing Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral by Darlene Foster. This is an indie book published by Central Avenue Publishing, an independent publisher. Darlene also agreed to do a Q&A, and…

Book Review of Amanda in France and Q&A with Darlene Foster