Gina: Queen of The Forest: Origin

Burrunjors Tall Tales

Some would argue that there is no such thing as a hero. Scratch the surface of any great, inspiring figures life story and you will find the sordid, unsavoury details they’d rather you not know about. From world leaders, to vampire killers, to great artists. All of them are better known for the artificial image built up by their admirers than who they really were. Nobody wants to admit that someone can be both a nasty piece of work and a great writer, that a great war hero also carried out atrocities, or that a champion for the oppressed can still support the other kinds of prejudices of their time.

Perhaps the one exception to this however is Gina, the legendary warrior from the age of Tairos. A woman who became just as notorious as both an ally and enemy to the vile vampire horde. Whose dark past always stayed…

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May Vokes: From Vaud to “Venus” — (Travalanche)

Just a few lines this morning about comic character actress May Vokes (ca. 1882-1957), whose interesting credits I have occasionally come across. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Vokes started out in school theatricals, and from thence to Broadway, where by 1903 she was in A Fool and His Money with Arnold Daly. She seems not to […]

May Vokes: From Vaud to “Venus” — (Travalanche)