Healing Powers of Avocado Pear

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Wondering what is so special about this fruit called avocado, or why it is regarded as being extra nutritious and beneficial, then you are in the right place.

Avocado contains a special kind of fat called Oleic acid. This acid or fat, helps the body in different ways, including lowering blood pressure, protecting body cells from free radical damage, weight loss and preventing Type 2 diabetes.


1. Anti Chronic Disease:

The monosaturated fatty acids present in avocado, may help in preventing chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. Also according to research, the fibre present in avocado may reduce stroke, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and certain gastrointestinal diseases.

2. Anti-aging:

The Anti-inflammatory fatty acid present in avocado, helps to promote smooth skin. And the essential nutrients such as Vitamin K, C, E, A and B, which have negative effect on aging are also present in avocado pear. Thereby being one of…

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