I Wanted To Write You A Poem

I wanted to write you a poem But I could never find the words That described just how much I love you Until I lost you And now the words never stop flowing And each poem I write Haunts me day and night Is anyone as awful at coming up with headings as I am? […]

I Wanted To Write You A Poem

A variety of scenes we saw today

Today we decided to brave the heat and head out for an adventure, mainly to seek out some more covered bridges. We came across some different sights during the day! The “Tipsy Trolley” was in a barn yard. Perhaps a mobile beer party bus? This old store front likes B&W treatment You can’t get away […]

A variety of scenes we saw today

petaled fragrances

my heart spills the seedsof a thousand past lives dwelling within the traumasitting alongside the love I feel for you, wishing upon the night skywe make do with candles ensconced in petaledfragrances of pain, a dew sitting upon the land and seait seems extreme, yetinside I know I’ll always continue to believe Photo by suju-foto, […]

petaled fragrances