The Observatory


The Observatory is a proposal for a mobile star gazing system to be site across Leeds in 2023.

The Observatory

The Observatory to be a mantra for the imagination.

An inflatable chasm of wisdom, forum for discourse and a cavity of creativity. The art of print media fused with the functionality of the world renowned Shipping Container. Solar power solutions meet micro, self-sufficiency edible leaf growth. A carbon neutral, pneumatic palace derived from green credentials.

The inflatable dome pays tribute to the Sixties modes which were rooted with space age discovery. Geo-mestric structures replicating those of Nasa and the moon landings which were televised in the glory of black and white. Pneumatics which equally draw on the fun-factor of infancy. Essentially, beach holiday delights, the staple of the air-filled, brightly coloured, beach ball. The dingles which paddle through shallow shores and the air beds which add comfort to the annual…

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