To Have a Smile

Astrid's Words

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Always worthy to have a smile, Brighten life, choose to have a smile. Ever want a personal addition? Create your own rendition by choosing to have a smile. Add happiness every day, Find a unique way to have a smile. When starting to feel sad or mad, Think about what makes you glad and strive to have a smile. Even after a difficult walk, Don't only be filled with talk, remember to have a smile. Use it as a greeting, It's important to the people you're meeting, to have a smile. It may be a small gesture, But it adds to a solid structure, to have a smile. It expresses emotion, Without causing commotion, to have a smile. Feel it from the heart, When you want to start to have a smile. See it light the eyes, As the spirit flies, to have a…

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