A Smile is All We Need To Force!


Leaving an imprint of ours;
We keep making circles on the globe.
Getting a few stickers and some scars;
We get through the path of life, So dope!

Moving a day ahead with hope;
Alas! Leaving a day behind we remorse.
Rejoicing our life, having alot to cope;
Even against the mist, A smile is all we need to force.

Happiness and sadness lie in our hand;
What we choose is all we get.
Better to get a smile to append
In a place in this world to bet
On our sparkle eyes making them amend
To keep our memory alive from the day we met.

A burn inside, makes us shine outside;
Even admist the heat course.
All we need is to keep the gloom aside;
Having even nothing in hand, A smile is all we need to force.

Making memories, Smiling along the way!

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