Untold Feelings Inside 🌻💞


There’s many untold feelings i have buried inside .
Everyday lukin for the chances to spell it out in one breath.
But untold feelings keep inside .

Always stay in fear to loose you but inside some deep thoughts keep me calm and give a light of hope inside.
Cuz there’s many untold feelings inside.

From the morning to the Late night there’s hope to express out loud. But unfortunately
There’s many untold feelings inside remain inside.

Sometimes i try to express with the (. …. …)
Hidden message dots inside out but my someone busy with something else.
That’s how my untold feelings keep roaming inside.

Come by my side and dive into my drowning untold feelings inside.
You’ll get to know how deep I’m into you and even after trying i can’t move on from inside. Cuz inside find you my real love. Which still remain a untold…

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