What if I say this to my 1st nd last love


What if I say I’m killin myself inside
After you left i keep drinking my regrets overnight .

No sleep coz you are running into my dream

I want to talk to you & sit beside but all i have is your beautiful memories and my regrets inside .

I’m showing myself tough outside but what if I say
I’m killin my Vibes inside .

What if i say i don’t know how to express my feelings outside .
Would you give me a chance if i ask you to give a last try.

I know it’s never feel like before. but give a Try who knows it is the right time to lost into eachother eyes. What if i say i love you more than my life .

There are many who say that I will drop the stars.
I will give you the diamond, pearl necklace
But it’s…

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