Pros Of Radius Wi-Fi Authentication


Technology has travelled a long way since it was introduced, especially with wireless technology. With time, the list of devices that support wireless networking in one form or another has grown ten folds, from phones to computers and TVs- even microwaves now.

The magic behind all these forms lies in the hardware and efficient computer network communication protocols, which drive our campaign for completely wirelessly connected futures! But, unfortunately, many old ones are still being used today, like wifi (Wireless Fidelity)and Bluetooth® basics + more advanced.

Wifi authentication using RADIUS authentication is a popular and effective way to ensure wifi connection security. This article explains some of the advantages of using Open RADIUS for wifi authentication.

Centralized authentication system:

Managing a wireless network of hundreds or thousands becomes easy when you use RADIUS servers. All user requests for access, as needed, and authentication is handled from one point without considering…

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