How to dispose of damaged Indian national flag with dignity

How to dispose of damaged Indian national flag with dignity.

India will celebrate its 75th Independence Day (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav) on August 15, 2022. To mark the occasion, several cultural and traditional events will be organised and once again we all will be overwhelmed by a feeling of extreme patriotism. We will flaunt the national flag with proud in every way possible – right from wearing tricolour clothes to displaying flags on vehicles. Not to forget the selfies uploaded on the social media. Over the years, it has become a trend sort of. Unfortunately, the very next day, these flags are found littered on the ground or in a bin. But do you know treating the national flag with disrespect is an offense as per the rules mentioned in the Flag Code of India, 2002? According to the rules, there is a proper way to dispose of soiled or torn national flag.

As per the Flag Code of India, 2002, there are two ways to dispose of the national flag – burning or burying. Even while choosing any of the processes a strict rule has to be followed. To bury the flags, collect all the damaged flags in a wooden box. Fold them and place it properly. Bury the box in the earth. Observe a moment of silence once the flags are buried. The second option is to burn the flag. Choose a safe place and clean it. Fold the flags. Build a fire and carefully place the flags in the center of the flames. Flags burned without folding or burning the flags first and then putting it on fire is an offense. It should be noted that the national flag is a symbol of pride and its dignity should be maintained while disposing of it.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has urged everyone to avoid the use of the national flag of India made of plastic.

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