Post from Tata Motors, worth reading

Post from Tata Motors, worth reading*

Dear Friends,

I am working in Tata Motors for last 16 years handling Vehicle Crash Safety and now handling Airbags, Seat belts and Steering wheel. I have witnessed many crash tests, designed and evaluated structures whether it meets the safety requirements, currently designing Airbags, Seat belts and steering wheel to make occupants safer.

There is a need to know some fundamentals for wearing seatbelt and related to our sitting position in the car ..

I request all of you to read , understand and implement / follow for your safety …share as much as you can.

1. Seatbelt is the primary protection and airbag is the secondary protection .

2. This means that Airbag alone will not protect WITHOUT wearing seatbelt , in fact it may hurt or kill or hurt badly..

3. Except hands holding the steering , *body ( trunk) shall be minimum 300 mm away from steering wheel*.

Closer than this distance even if seatbelt is used and airbag operates, driver will not be protected .. so stay away from steering minimum 300 mm..( VERY IMPORTANT).

4. Sit comfortably and ensure the buttock is not tilted towards the steering it will make drivers slide in case of accident . Original seats are provided to prevent the slide..

5. Never-Never fix crash bars or the side bars in your cars on your own…These may protect the vehicle but will kill the passengers inside due to improper impact load transfer, and also altering the crumbling zone, based on which the Airbags are designed to respond in 35 Milli seconds ..

6. Airbags, seat belts, steering wheel, Airbag ECU, wiring harness must be replaced once it gets used. This must be done at the authorised dealer end only..

7. Headrest for driver and the co-passenger is very very crucial. With safety belt and airbags in functioning condition without having headrest in the right place ( see vehicle manual for correct position) will break the neck after the impact ..I saw the video and clearly seen how important it is to have headrest in position ..

I am not sure how many of us are aware that headrests are detachable and they carry sharp wedges at the end, which can be used for breaking the window if one is stuck inside the car, post accident.

8. Irrespective of distance to travel wear seatbelt , it is not for long drives only, it is the impact that matters not the distance …

9. All passengers ( front and rear) to wear seatbelt …kids need to be protected well too with safety cradles…

10. Be careful in keeping loose items in the car .. as they could turn into missiles on high velocity impact …put them in the boot..

The amazing engineering that had gone into these delvelopments , for our safety, incorporated by carmakers have to be used for protecting us and our near and dear ones.



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