Education system in Germany…

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The German education system consists ofpre-school, primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Full-time schooling is compulsory at primary and secondary levels for all children aged six to 15. However,German education generally lasts until the age of 18.The quality of German education is world-renowned for a reason.It’s well-organized and designed to be highly accessible to all students allowing them to continue studying up to the university level regardless of a family’s finances. All German states offer the same school systems and education system

Cost To Study In Germany For International Students…

University Charges
Technical University of Munich144 EUR/per year
Ludwig Maximilian University244 EUR/per year
Technical University of Berlin308 EUR/per year
Free University of Berlin354 EUR/per year
University of Heidelberg364 EUR/per year
Humboldt University Berlin620 EUR/per year
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology1500 EUR/per year
RWTH Aachen UniversityNo Tuition Fees for

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