Travelling—– as a part of Education…

king kong

Travelling has always been considered a part of education by all thinkers and writers of the world. We can get education and knowledge by two ways, study of books and by means of travelling.

Knowledge gained from book is theoretical and imperfect. It is second hand knowledge. We can get first hand knowledge from our meeting with men and women. The knowledgewhich we get from our acquaintance with things and men can be called fresh and first hand. It has been rightly said by Shakespeare “Home keeping youth have homely wits”. It is our mixing with men and women which bestows on us real knowledge. It is only through travelling that we learn more about the living habits, morals and customs of people than by reading books.

All the great scholars and writers have considered travellingas a partof education. Almost all great scholars from Chaucer…

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