R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II – book suggestions to remember her

Like many people around the world, I was saddened to hear of the Queen’s passing yesterday, September 8th at Balmoral Castle. Many of us have never known a world without her in it, and her strength and tenacity is a lesson for us all. The Queen’s funeral is thought to take place 10 days after […]

R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II – book suggestions to remember her

A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II by Clive

Good morning and welcome to CarolCooks2…This last week has been different, and busy in many ways and I have done a lot of reflecting…I have read many posts but none have mirrored my personal pride and sadness at the loss of Queen Elizabeth II as much as this one… Clive from the Take it Easy […]

A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II by Clive

The World’s Loss: Queen Elizabeth

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Queen Elizabeth. She became queen when I was eight years old and I remember watching the coronation on TV. I can’t imagine England without her. A strong, independent, apolitical figure, she saw her united countries through good times and bad, with a sense of […]

The World’s Loss: Queen Elizabeth

In Memoriam: Queen Elizabeth II

(Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Mary Eastman, 1953) Today, we mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Whatever people may think of monarchy, royalty, and the ruling classes, one thing is certain: Queen Elizabeth was a strong, stable, and enduring presence on the international stage. She was a remarkable woman who helped […]

In Memoriam: Queen Elizabeth II

How To Look At Your Problems In A Better Way

“And let that be a lesson to you all. Nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row.” That was what the tennis player said after breaking his 16-time losing streak. Sometimes, it almost seems like the best way to get through life is to lie to ourselves. But then again, it’s not lying if […]

How To Look At Your Problems In A Better Way