Day: September 30, 2022

If this old tin barn could talk

Tin roofing? Yes, of course. However you don’t often see tin siding on a barn. This old structure needs a little TLC, at least a paint job! You can see at the peak of the roof the overhang indicating that originally there was a pulley and rail for loading loose hay into the barn. This … Continue reading If this old tin barn could talk

liquid heart

I look up, and downliquid heart in pools, I drown waiting for the sun to ariseagain in my heart capitulation strongand armed with love and lighta transformationin kind with the river, I flow with time Photo by 12019, Pixabay Twitter #vss365 prompt word used: liquid. Follow me on Twitter here. Submissions for the Nature Speaks … Continue reading liquid heart

sanguine love

emotions fill the skyand my heart with sanguine lovea pain, like an albatross of hope and dismayconjuring various realities in someI’m filled with anticipationwhile in others dreadis a constant companion yet, it’s in between them bothwherea mystery comes up from the shallow river water, to the ice capsof the tallest mountaintops the shadowed, and shaded … Continue reading sanguine love