Pestilence #2

Marty Shambles


The line at BurgerFucks was out the door. Everybody in town showed up, it seemed. Had we been home, we might have seen the news story about the brand new sexually transmitted strain of bubonic plague that was resistant to any known treatment. But we were at the BurgerFucks, so we didn’t see it.

I was in line with my best friend Elissa. We were both coming back for summer vacation from State College. We had each fucked off the last semester and partied too hard. We were party girls, sure, but we could’ve worked harder to get some A’s.

“Oh my god. I’m so hungry.” Elissa was on her phone. “Let’s get a BurgerFucks selfie, Kenzie.”

We got a shot with the BurgerFucks sign in the background.

“We look hot af,” I said.

“Why is this place called BurgerFucks?” She was fucking with the insta filters.

“I don’t…

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