Silent: A Long Evening

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The story should, hopefully, be self-explanatory from the content: 

Gavin, Friday Evening

Quarter to seven. Call someone? Lucy’s only been gone a few hours, but I can’t shrug off the unease. Anyway, who would I ring? It might seem weird, but Lucy and I have kept our friendship a secret.

7pm. It’s getting chilly outside. I shut the window and flick through the TV channels on the remote control.

8.15pm. I think about calling this friend of Lucy’s. Seeing what Maxine thinks. No, too soon for that.Plus, she’ll probably demand an explanation for my presence in her flat and tell me to get out.

I’ve never met Maxine. There’s a few photographs of her around the flat…sleek and chic – or to rephrase, elegant and tall. A model. Long chestnut hair and almond eyes. I find the eyes unsettling for some reason. Can’t figure out why really… something cold, calculating…

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