Silent – The Escape

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The story should, hopefully, be self-explanatory from the content: 

Saturday, 5am Gavin

My phone is ringing again.Private Number.

I snatch the handset: ‘Yes? Hello?’

Please let this be Lucy or Maxine. Please let this all be a joke.


‘Final warning, Gavin,’ a man says, in a low but menacing voice. ‘The Angel of Mercy’s watching you and he’s very, very angry. Leave Maxine’s flat at once. This is your very last chance.’

The line goes dead.

Not hanging around.

I grab the sports bag containing my clothes and coach ticket, and stuff my phone and wallet in my pockets. Start towards the hallway.


‘Let me in.’ Male voice. Loud.

Banging on the front door of the flat.

My heart thunders in my chest. A person’s in the building.

More banging on the other side of the door.

‘Let me in.’

The Angel of Mercy’s gained entry…

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