Day: November 16, 2022

Amboseli National Park – Mount Kilimanjaro’s Gift

Of the four Kenyan national parks I visited in May 2022 Amboseli was the national park I was looking forward to most. That is because I backed out of an eight-day trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro at the last minute after coming down with a mild case of Covid in April. Covid interrupted … Continue reading Amboseli National Park – Mount Kilimanjaro’s Gift

colors #micropoetry

first activitya splash of color on clothesan expensive dress silver binds with goldseemingly directionlessyet shines with its own Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar Written in response to: what-do-you-see-159 by Sadje moonwashed-musings-weekly-prompt-directionles Thank you for reading! Stay Blessed! 💞colors #micropoetry

Poem by Gabriela Marie Milton – Literary Revelations: Hidden in Childhood – Call for Submission

Poem by Gabriela Marie Milton I call into being the taste of that which is hidden below the existence. The breath of a salty ocean on my skin. Everything is here between primal and the infinity of possibilities: the epistemes of love; the essence of beauty; the whispers of a language you cannot understand. You … Continue reading Poem by Gabriela Marie Milton – Literary Revelations: Hidden in Childhood – Call for Submission

Humor in Writing- Five Ways to Do It

Photo by Гоар Авдалян on Unsplash Hi SEers. John is with you today. The other day I was staring at my computer screen like it was the Oracle of Delphi, hoping to at least get a hint on what to post today. But, like the Oracle, my blank screen seemed reluctant to put forth anything … Continue reading Humor in Writing- Five Ways to Do It

Hidden Intentions

I wrapped the wool over my eyes,afraid to see you had two sides.Showed loyalty to tame my fears,cried sensitive crocodile tears. One part of you admired me,the other part, a silent beethat stings without a buzz or hiss,portraying love, poisonous kiss. Presenting trust, so I could share,my hardest truths and dark despairA fake friendship, one … Continue reading Hidden Intentions

Japan’s Underwater Aircraft Carrier / part-one

I-400 Series Super-submarine Lieutenant Commander Stephen L. Johnson had a problem on his hands; a very large problem. His Balao-class submarine, the Segundo, had just picked up a large radar contact on the surface about 100 miles off Honshu, one of Japan’s home islands, heading south toward Tokyo.  World War II in the Pacific had just ended, … Continue reading Japan’s Underwater Aircraft Carrier / part-one


On my way to a fun night,car breaks down, an unknown site,glimpse up at the dim moonlight,heartbeat marches to pure fright. Blood pressure does jumping jacks,views that surround are pitch black,equilibrium, out of wack,hear my own inner voice crack. Goosebumps come out for a peek,cold sweat does not drip, it leaks,both knees buckle, head feels … Continue reading Nightmare

Some Sports from Past Times

With working hours that traditionally aligned to the hours of daylight, the time available for pastimes and sports was, at best, limited to the Breton peasants of days gone by. This narrow opportunity was limited further by the often isolated nature of rural dwellings and the poor transport infrastructure that connected communities. It is therefore … Continue reading Some Sports from Past Times